1. Watch
    A. Fantastic Fungi, Louis Schwartzberg (2019)
    B. Let things Rot, Mateo Barrenengoa (2021)

  2. Listen
    A. Welcome to Mushroom Hour
    B. Mushroom Revival

  3. Read
    A. Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake
    B. The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna L. Tsing
    C. Mushrooms by Roger Phillips
    D. Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy
    E. Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms by Paul Stamets
    F. Medicinal Mushrooms, the Essential Guide by Martin Powell

  4. Follow (to find more mushroom people)
    A. The Mushroom
    B. The Fungi Foundation
    C. London Mushroom Network
    D. The Art of Mushrooms
No. 1: The Scottish Fungi Dye Group
  1. Read all about mushroom dyeing here.
  2. Watch a short film about fungi dyes.
  3. Discover the work of the IFFF.
  4. Read ‘Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments and Myco-stix’ by Miriam C. Rice

No. 2: Harry Smithson’s Synth + Live Reishi Installation
  1. Find out more about Harry’s work.
  2. Hear what some more mushrooms sound like.
  3. Learn how this reishi was grown.

No. 3: Julia Shwarz’s Unseen Edible
  1. Read all about the artist and the project
  2. What are lichen?
  3. Can I cook with lichen?*

*some lichen are poisonous or indigestible - do your research and ID carefully!

No. 4: BIOHM’s Mycelium Building Materials
  1. Who are BIOHM?
  2. What is mycelium?
  3. Can I do it at home? Yes you can!
  4. Can I build my house out of it? Maybe soon.

No. 5: Merle Bergers’ Mycorrhizal Scent
  1. Learn about Merle’s work. And her collaboration with Suzette.
  2. What is a mycorrhizal network?
  3. What do mushrooms smell like?

No. 6: Liene Kazaka’s Green Elf Cup Live-Dyeing
  1. Find out all about the project.
  2. What is spalting and spalted wood?
  3. How long have we been doing it and is it still a thing?
  4. Where does the Green Elf Cup grow naturally?

No. 7: Rūta Irbīte’s Meditations on Waste
  1. Rūta and her Unburden project.
  2. Read about hypothetical environmental applications of mushrooms.
  3. Can mushrooms really eat plastic though?

No. 8: Suzette Bousema’s Superorganism
  1. Find out more about Superorganism and Suzette
  2. Watch a multimedia teaser.
  3. Find out about the threats to fungal life worldwide.
No. 9: Planet Fungi and the Weather Systems of Mushrooms
  1. See some more of Stephen and Catherine’s videos.
  2. And some of their myco-photography.
  3. And watch their new film.
  4. Find out about micro and macro myco weather.

No. 10: Smells, sounds and more with Siôn Parkinson
  1. Siôn and his work.
  2. Stinkhorn II, Stinkhorn for Solo Tuba, and Sam Annand: Perfumes II
  3. A blog about Stink
  4. Smell as identifying characteristic in mushroom foraging.

No. 11: The pendant lights by Ninela Ivanova and Sebastian Cox
  1. Learn about Ninela, Sebastian, and MYCELIUM+TIMBER
  2. What is mycelium?
  3. What is coppiced woodland?
  4. Can I buy a light? Yes

No. 12: Chido Govera & The Future of Hope
  1. Find out about Chido’s foundation.
  2. Chido and her story
  3. Growing Oyster mushrooms

No. 13: Giuliana Furci, the 3Fs campaign, and The Fungi Foundation
  1. Find out all about the Fungi Foundation and its work.
  2. Giuliana’s Instagram
  3. Join the Flora Fauna Funga campaign

No. 14: Reishi and other Medicinal Mushrooms
  1. Planting for a giant reishi
  2. Find out more about the medicinal aspects of mushrooms

No. 15: Amadou and Fomes fomentarius.
  1. Find out about Ötzi and his fungi
  2. Attila and his work
  3. Fomes fomentarius